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Home Run Derby


Helping others and havin fun!



Each year, we host a fund raiser for Drug Free World and/or Youth for Human Rights.

Players participate in a home run derby for a $10 donation. If players don’t want to participate in the home run derby, donations for the cause are still welcomed.

Players can sign here or at the concession stand and the competition is usually held on Saturday afternoon.

Each participating player will have a chosen parent or coach do side toss to the player. Every ball hit that doesn’t clear the fence will be an out. Once the player reaches 5 outs, his turn is over. The fences will be set at…

  • 270′ for 15 and older
  • 240′ for 14U
  • 210’ for 13U
  • 150′ for 11U and 12U
  • 120′ for 10U
  • 100′ for 8U and 9U

Each player on the roster may participate in the contest for a $10/player donation.

If your player does not want to participate, you may still donate to these worthy causes here or at the concession stands.



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