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Midwest Baseball Championships

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Midwest Baseball Championships

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Midwest Baseball Championships

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A Coach’s Viewpoint

Here from a participant

Kurtis, I wanted to circle back to let you know I was very happy with your
tournament. We do a lot of Pastime tourneys, and I’m a big believer in you
get what you pay for, so my expectations were tempered coming into the weekend.

I thought it was a very well run tournament, and you far exceeded my expectations. The umpires did a good job, you managed the schedule very well in spite of the rain, and the fields were pretty nice. There were some quirky rules, which I didn’t mind, and I think it made the tournament a little different (specifically the format with all teams being seeded, and the tie-breakers).

With this being our last year, I sure wish I knew about your tournaments sooner. I will certainly recommend you to teams looking for a place to play in the coming years. Well done, thanks for a great weekend.https://www.traditionrolex.com/7

VR – 18U Coach