All Tournaments are on schedule to be played. We have a nice quantity of teams that have registered and these teams represent Ohio, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan and the entire state of Indiana.

With the world working together on resolving the current pandemic as well as continously gaining a better understanding of the risks and @fname@methods to keep all safe, we anticipate an improved outlook by the time our tournemants will begin. We’ll continue to evaluate the situation and how it relates to your sports.

For our part, we are moving all tournaments to Imagine Glen Park located at  Portage, Indiana  2275 McCool Rd, Portage, IN 46368.

By consolidating our staff from four complexes to one with only one entrance gate for all to pass through, we can more effectively ensure all  McCool Road, Portage, Indiana health and safety precautions are being adhered to.

We are intending to have non-evasive thermometers at the gate so that all tournament staff, players and fans can have their temperatures taken daily upon arrival. Those with fevers out of the normal range will be prohibited from entering the complex. We will have a cleaning crew doing its best to keep the baseball facilities clean.

Imaginenation Glen has been a very nice park to host tournaments at and we’ve used it since 20008. When we secured the fields last summer, the park had just gotten approved for a $500,000 upgrade, primarily improving the spectators experience. This work was going to be done during the off-season. CLICK HERE for information and reviews about Imagination Glen Park.

The fields will have college quality portable baseball mounds so pitchers will not wear spikes and fences are about 300′. Although not ideal for high school aged players, these are the adjustments that give our staff the best opportunity to run the safest tournament possible in 2020. And, baseball is a game of adjustments!

See you soon.